We picked our favourite and most popular dishes and we introduce them to you.

GRILLED CHICKEN FILLET Are you looking for a healthy and nutritious option today? You have to try the amazing Grilled Chicken Fillet, marinated in extra virgin olive oil and herbs, served with roasted vegetables and basmati rice. it's healthy and it's delicious!
TERIYAKI SALMON STEAK If you are into Salmon and you are looking for that extra boost of flavour, then Salmon Teriyaki is the dish for you! Glazed with teriyaki sauce and sesame seeds, served with vegetables and quinoa. It is heaven on earth and you will not be disappointed!
HAZELNUT PRALINE AND BANANA PANCAKES You will be drooling when you taste these delicious layers of chocolate! Fluffy pancakes with hazelnut praline sauce, roasted hazelnuts and sliced bananas. It's luscious and it will leave you wanting more!